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Terms & Conditions

  1. The advertising must not contain Quranic verses and ahadeeth nabawyah and should the advertising does not include any of disrespect for religions, values and social traditions.
  2. Does not violate the laws in the country.
  3. Does not contain a substance encourages immorality and crime.
  4. Can not be advertised items related to mental influences or drugs or cigarettes.
  5. The advertisement does not contradict with izomart.com policy.
  6. The advertising does not include any display of contraband material and illegal presence.
  7. The advertising does not offer a marriage offers or any kind of relations between the sexes.
  8. Izomart.com reserves the right to withhold or delete any advertising does not apply to its terms and conditions.
  9. izomart.com does not receive any commission on any process of buying and selling on the site.